Our Maintenance Plans

Routine Maintenance is Critical to Keeping You
Cool and Comfortable

Whether it’s saving money by conserving more energy, reducing the need for repairs or prolonging your system’s lifespan, there are many benefits to investing in a routine maintenance agreement. For homeowners, the initial cost will pay for itself by lowering monthly utility bills by up to a whopping 40 percent. As a business owner, you’ll avoid the costly consequences that a breakdown could lead to–including a decrease in employee activity, or fewer visits from customers. Although the initial investment in a routine maintenance plan might seem daunting to many, Byrum Heating & A/C, believes it’s cheaper to be safe today than sorry later. When selecting an HVAC contractor to perform routine AC or heating maintenance on your system, make sure you choose a Trane Comfort Specialist.

When you entrust Byrum Heating & A/C with your system, we’ll ensure:

  • Our tune-up pinpoints every component and checks every task on our comprehensive maintenance to-do list.
  • It operates at peak efficiency and uses the least amount of energy to heat or cool your home or business.
  • All developing issues are repaired immediately to avoid major breakdowns in the future.
  • We continuously monitor your air conditioner and heater for maximized performance.
Maintenance Tech

When you sign up for our Energy Save Plan, you’ll also enjoy these added benefits:

A 10% total repair discount.
Extended parts warranty on all repairs to be 12 months for active members
Guaranteed prices on all repairs before work begins, no matter how long the repair takes.
Provide priority service over non-members.
Offer up to $1,000 credit towards purchase of a new systems.
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