Upgrading Your HVAC Thermostat Could Be a Wise Move

Are you looking forward to another year of winter fun in southern North Carolina? The Old Farmer’s Almanac is predicting a " never-ending winter" for some parts of the U.S. in 2019, so get your snow boots and sleds ready in Monroe, NC. There are some good reasons to also consider upgrading your HVAC thermostat while you’re scheduling that tune-up for your heating system.

Greater Control, Greater Comfort

North Carolina temperatures can plummet or skyrocket with little notice. What seems like a beautiful day at seven in the morning may turn into a chilly afternoon with torrential rains in the evening. When the weatherman’s wrong or you forget to watch the morning news, these weather fluctuations can lead to discomfort as you return to an improperly heated or cooled home.

Upgrading to a smart HVAC thermostat is the answer. When temperatures change unexpectedly, you can use your smartphone to adjust the settings on your heating and cooling systems remotely. You’re in complete control of your home’s energy needs. That means greater comfort for your household.

No More Wasted Energy

An upgraded HVAC thermostat will allow you to adjust your settings to accommodate your family’s routines. Imagine heating or cooling your home just before you arrive from work while giving your system a rest during the day. It’s possible when you utilize professional HVAC services to upgrade your thermostat.

Smart Thermostats Make Excellent Holiday Gifts

If you have a homeowner on your holiday shopping list, you can guarantee that they’re thinking about home improvements on some level. Give them a pleasant surprise by gifting an upgraded HVAC thermostat that will deliver lower energy costs and greater comfort for many years to come. Energy-efficient gifts are perfect for those loved ones who seem to already have it all.

To learn more about upgrading your HVAC thermostat or general HVAC maintenance, call us today at (704) 659-0159 in Monroe or (704) 208-4165 in Marshville.

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