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Mini-splits are the most versatile heating and cooling equipment there is. Split-systems are simply air-source heat pumps or air conditioners that don’t require ductwork. Heated and cooled air is delivered directly from an outdoor unit to one or more indoor units via tubing. Freedom from ducts allows you to configure a comfort system that precisely meets the needs of your home in Polkton, NC.

Heat or Cool One Room or All Rooms

Ductless mini-splits are perfect for rooms without ducts like garage apartments or home additions. One indoor unit can heat or cool a room that’s always too hot or too cold. Up to eight indoor units, all powered by a single outdoor unit, can heat and cool a whole house.

Home Zoning Made Easy

Home zoning allows you to heat and cool rooms individually. Indoor units have their own remote thermostats, so you can maintain different temperatures throughout the house. If you’ve considered zoning dampers for your ducted HVAC system, a ductless heat pump will do the job just as well.

Flexible Installation Design

The indoor air handlers of a mini-split system are compact, streamlined units. They’re usually mounted high on the wall. You can also have them flush-mounted with a dropped ceiling or opt for a ceiling suspension design.

Versatility Equals Energy Efficiency

Inverter technology allows ductless mini-splits to continually adjust heating and cooling output to meet demand. Mini-split heat pumps give you up to three units of heat for every unit of electrical energy used. Some ductless heat pumps have efficiencies as high as 38 SEER. That’s higher than the most energy-efficient ducted heat pumps. Ductless systems also eliminate the energy losses caused by ductwork leaks.

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