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Originally published in May 2018

With summer now here, homeowners in Marshville, NC should be taking steps to prepare their air conditioners for the even warmer weather ahead. Have you scheduled your AC maintenance appointment yet? If not, there’s no time like the present. Perhaps you’re shopping for a new AC, though. In that case, here’s why you should consider a ductless HVAC system:

Easy to Install

It can sometimes take a service technician a few days to install a traditional HVAC system, especially if you need to add ductwork. Since ductless HVAC systems only operate using a  small conduit, a service technician can usually install them in a few hours. Depending on the number of units you need, your system can be up and running the same day.

Save Money

Saving money is the name of the game for most homeowners. Since they’re smaller than forced-air units, ductless HVAC systems use less power to operate. They blow conditioned air directly into your living spaces, eliminating the risk of losing energy via leaky ductwork. You can also use them to create zones within your home, ensuring you never cool or heat unoccupied rooms. As a result, you’ll consume less energy and save more money on your monthly utility bills.

Improve Air Quality

If you own a traditional forced-air system, you must invest in duct cleaning to maintain healthy indoor air quality. Otherwise, dust and other particles can populate your home. Ductless HVAC systems don’t require ductwork to operate, which helps save on cleaning costs. They also provide multi-stage filtration that helps improve indoor air quality.

Go Green

Ductless HVAC systems use a refrigerant called R410A — as opposed to the ozone-depleting R22 refrigerant — which is known for its zero ozone depletion potential. As a result, your system will have less of an impact on the environment.

If you’re interested in learning more about ductless HVAC in your home, contact Byrum Heating & AC, Inc. Our team of experienced service technicians looks forward to helping you save money this summer.

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