Need Help Selecting Your New Heating System?

If you are planning to install a new heating system, there are several factors to consider. Winter temperatures in Monroe, NC can dip below 20 degrees F. You want a heater that keeps you comfortable during extreme weather. The NATE-certified technicians at Byrum Heating & AC can help you make your selection.

We talk with you about your lifestyle, indoor comfort, needs, and budget. We then suggest products that meet those needs. Since heating accounts for approximately 42 percent of residential utility bills, we recommend energy-efficient heating system replacements that save money on fuel without compromising comfort.

Heating System Installations

The best furnace on the market will not perform well if it is incorrectly sized and installed. We look at the heating load to determine the correct size of the unit. We calculate the load for individual rooms and the entire home. Factors include:

  • Number of doors and windows.
  • Type of roof.
  • Shading and landscaping.
  • Amount of insulation.
  • Type of activities in a room.
  • Square footage.

We use Manual J, the industry standard for precise load calculation. Some contractors estimate load, which often results in an improperly sized unit. Oversized units cycle too frequently. Rooms may feel clammy or have cold spots. Frequent stops and starts overtax the compressor, leading to more repairs. Undersized units run longer, straining the compressor. Both situations result in poor performance and high energy bills. Often, the unit must be replaced before the end of its normal service life.

Energy-Efficient Products

Whether you use oil, gas, or electricity to power your furnace, there are energy-efficient options for each fuel type. Heat pumps offer the convenience of heating and cooling in a single unit. By simply flipping a switch, the unit converts from heating to cooling by reversing the flow of refrigerant.

We often recommend dual hybrid systems for new heating system replacements in the Monroe area. These units automatically switch to the most energy-efficient and cost-effective fuel to heat your home.

Byrum Heating & AC is a Trane Comfort Specialist. We also undertake new heating system installations for all brands of HVAC equipment.

Call the experts at Byrum Heating & AC at (704) 208-4165 to schedule a free consultation for installation of a new heating system.

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