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Even though you might not be able to see it, the quality of the air in your Marshville, NC home can make a huge difference. Contaminants like pet dander, pollen, dust, and even the smoke created by the combustion of your stove can have a significant effect on you, even if the problem is largely unseen. A good way to counteract some of these more negative influences is to install a whole house humidifier. Having one of these devices in your home can be helpful in so many different ways. Keep reading to find out how.

Symptoms Brought on by Dry Air

Sometimes, the only way to detect whether or not you have dry air in your home is to pay close attention to the state of your health. If you or anyone else who lives in your house constantly battles a runny nose, sinus congestion or a flare-up of asthma symptoms, these signals should not be ignored. They are there to let you know that your indoor air quality is not where it needs to be. A whole-home humidifier can change this.

Whole-Home Humidifiers Can Help Your Wooden Furniture

If you notice that your wood furniture starts to crack and becomes brittle, you definitely need to repair the humidity level in your home. Dry air pulls the existing moisture out of natural wood products, causing them to begin to prematurely deteriorate. The whole home humidifying system will restore moisture back into the air, providing the perfect environment for wood items.

Whole house humidifiers are extremely low maintenance. Unlike the portable units that you have to fill with water on a regular basis, whole-home systems are hooked up to the central water supply in your home so they refill automatically. If you’re interested in learning more about how you can improve the quality of the air in your home, visit our website or call Byrum Heating & AC, Inc. at (704) 208-4165.

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