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Microbes in your HVAC system can create a serious health hazard in your North Carolina home. Dirty systems that don’t get annual HVAC maintenance are particularly vulnerable. Germicidal UV lights can help keep your HVAC equipment and your home’s air clean.

What Health Conditions Can Airborne Pathogens Cause?

These agents can cause viral or bacterial infections, allergic reactions, asthma attacks, and breathing difficulties. Keeping indoor air quality high is the best way to guard against these conditions. It’s also a good reason why the HVAC cleaning performed during maintenance should never be skipped over.

Can Ductwork Harbor Microbial Contamination?

Ducts can be a private refuge for pathogens. UV-C lamps installed in ductwork can neutralize these airborne agents as they pass through your HVAC system. UV-C lights eliminate microbes by disrupting their DNA and robbing them of the ability to perform vital cellular functions. That effectively kills them.

How Do UV-C Lights Impact Indoor Air Quality?

UV-C light is the strongest UV ray emitted by the sun. This light has a naturally occurring disinfecting quality that helps to keep the planet healthy. Indoors, this light can help to keep indoor air quality high.

How Does a UV-C Germicidal Light System Work?

There are two types of UV-C lighting systems:

  • The air sterilization system, also called an in-duct system, purifies indoor air as the air passes through the return ducts.
  • The coil sterilization system is used to treat sensitive HVAC components directly with UV-C light. UV-C coils can safely sterilize hard-to-reach areas including fins and edges.

Professional Installation Is Essential

Exposure to UV-C can be dangerous for humans. It’s especially damaging to the skin and eyes. Considerable and permanent eye damage can occur. A qualified HVAC technician from Byrum Heating & A/C, Inc., will install UV lights properly so that they’re effective and safe to use. Visit us online to learn more.

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