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Are you spending this spring constantly coughing and sneezing? Do you have itchy eyes or the sniffles? While the warmer weather feels pleasant, dealing with allergy symptoms is anything but a fun time. Grasses, hickory and birch are currently the most active allergens in Marshville, North Carolina. Here are some tips on how to fight them:

Keep Windows and Doors Closed

You might feel tempted to open your windows and doors to let that fresh spring air inside. But if you suffer from allergies, that’s like bathing in honey near a bee hive. When the local pollen count is high, keep your doors and windows closed to prevent pollen from pouring in. Set your AC system to re-circulate your home’s air.

Avoid Going Outside in the Morning

Do you like an early morning jog before work? That’s great! But allergy sufferers should avoid outdoor activities on mornings that have high pollen counts. You should be especially careful to limit outdoor exposure on mornings that are dry, warm and windy. The best time to take part in activities outside is right after it rains.

Wash, Wash and Wash Some More

Hanging your clothes to dry outside helps you save on energy costs. But it’ll also result in pollen clinging to your clothing and, consequently, sneaking inside your home. After you return home from outside, wash your face and hands thoroughly. Change and wash your clothes, too. Wash your bedding in hot and soapy water at least once a week.

Change Your HVAC Air Filter

When it’s clean, your HVAC air filter does a great job of catching allergens and keeping them from circulating in your home. While HVAC experts recommend changing yours every 90 days, you should change it more often if you suffer from allergies. To help your HVAC system do its best to eliminate allergens, change your air filter every month.

Maintaining healthy indoor air quality is an important step toward avoiding severe allergy symptoms. Contact Byrum Heating & AC, Inc. today at 704-208-4165 to learn more about how to stay cool and comfortable this summer.

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