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The ductwork in your Marshville, North Carolina, home is the heart and soul of your HVAC. Although it’s out of sight, it shouldn’t be out of mind. Ducts need HVAC services as much as the rest of your indoor comfort equipment. That’s why industry studies and seasoned HVAC contractors recommend duct sealing as part of a comprehensive HVAC maintenance plan. Many benefits accrue when you take good care of your ductwork:

Saves on Energy Bills

Up to 30 percent of treated air routinely escapes from the average Marshville home thanks to ductwork leaks. When those breaches are sealed, energy usage declines. Most homeowners see a big reduction in utility bills.

Reduces the Cost of HVAC Upgrades

Do you plan to upgrade your HVAC? Sealed ducts could make it possible for you to install a smaller and less expensive system. A smaller system might also offer you more effective dehumidification.

Improves Indoor Air Quality

Ductwork leaks allow free access to your living space for insects, pests and other contaminants. Bacteria, viruses and mold like the moist, dark and undisturbed atmosphere in your duct system. As heated and cooled air passes through, it absorbs these contaminants and distributes them throughout your home. Ductwork sealing keeps those home invaders out.

Resolves Safety Issues

Appliances like furnaces and clothes dryers release combustion gasses like carbon monoxide through their ventilation systems. Leaky ducts can vent those harmful fumes back into your living space. Duct sealing increases safety in your home by reducing the possibility of that happening.

Corrects Other Heating and Cooling Problems

Duct sealing can eliminate issues like stuffy indoor air and rooms that are always too hot or too cold. Your HVAC system will last longer and require fewer repairs. It won’t have to overwork to make up for the loss of treated air.

At Byrum Heating & AC, Inc., our comprehensive HVAC services include testing for ductwork leaks. We can seal any holes or cracks to improve indoor air quality and help you save on energy bills. Visit us online to learn more or call us at (704) 208-4165 for additional information.

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