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If the air in your Wingate, NC home is too dry, this creates uncomfortable living conditions, especially during wintertime. Living in a low-humidity environment can also cause various health issues for the people living in your home. Introducing moisture into the environment through a humidifier can help prevent and remediate these issues.

Dry Air Affects Your Comfort

Dry air has a negative effect on your entire body. It can leech moisture from your body, causing dry eyes, dry skin, chapped lips, a stuffy nose, and more. Breathing in dry air can irritate the respiratory tract, which can result in asthma attacks and a chronic cough. In a properly humidified environment, your body is able to maintain a regular moisture level, keeping you healthier year-round.

Along with being detrimental to your overall health, dry air can also play a negative role in your everyday comfort. Dry air pulls moisture from your body, leaving your skin feeling cool. You might likely turn up the heat when this happens. Adding a humidifier to your home can help alleviate your sense of chill by adding moisture to the room. Doing so can improve your indoor air quality while also helping to reduce your heating bills.

Low Humidity Also Affects Your Home

Dry air can also have a negative impact on your home, drawing moisture out and resulting in cracked flooring, peeled wallpaper, chipped plaster, and more. A new humidifier can increase your quality of life and prolong the life of your home at the same time.

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A whole-house humidifier can help you improve your home’s air quality tremendously.  For more information about our indoor air quality products and installation services in Wingate, NC and the surrounding areas, contact Byrum Heating & A/C, INC. online or call our knowledgeable experts today.

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