Why Fully-Modulating Furnaces Are a Good Investment

HVAC technology is expanding in leaps and bounds. Furnaces are no exception. If you haven’t purchased a heating system lately for your Marshville, North Carolina, home, you might be surprised by all the latest developments. Here’s a rundown on what full-modulating furnaces are and why they give you a lot of bang for your buck.

What Are My Furnace Options?

All furnaces burn fuel to generate warmth that heats your home. However, different furnaces accomplish this task in different ways:

  • Single-stage furnaces run at full capacity or not at all. They generate heat whenever indoor temperatures drop below the thermostat setting. They continue running at full throttle until the indoor temperature again reaches the desired level. Then, they cycle off. A single-stage furnace installation is your most affordable but least efficient option.
  • Two-stage furnaces have two different output settings. They might run at 60 percent capacity some of the time and at 100 percent capacity at other times. Their output depends on the current heating demands in your home. After the desired temperature has been achieved using 100 percent capacity, a two-stage furnace will downshift to the lower capacity to maintain the thermostat setting. Two-stage furnaces have longer and slower running times. They can maintain the thermostat setting without unpleasant blasts of hot air. Two-stage furnaces cost more than single-stage furnaces. However, they perform more efficiently, generate less noise and deliver greater indoor comfort than single-stage models.
  • Full-modulating furnaces sync heating output with your home’s exact heating requirements. A modulating furnace might run at 40 percent capacity to reach the thermostat setting. It can then increase or decrease output in increments as small as .5 percent to maintain the desired temperature. Modulating furnaces typically run for long periods of time at very slow speeds. Longer and slower running times generate more air circulation. The more circulation, the more indoor air is filtered and the healthier indoor air quality will be. Full-modulating furnaces boast variable speed blower motors and modulating gas valves. With these features, a modulating furnace can achieve and maintain precise temperatures throughout your home. At the same time, it can minimize the use of gas and electricity. Modulating furnaces always achieve the desired temperatures using the most energy-efficient settings. Because these units run mostly at low capacity, they experience less wear and tear overall. That means fewer repairs and a longer system lifespan.

Why Choose a Full-modulating Furnace?

The upfront cost of a modulating furnace is higher than that of a single-stage or a two-stage furnace. However, the unit will make your investment worthwhile in multiple ways throughout the course of its lifetime:

  • These furnaces can operate at up to 98 percent efficiency. That means 98 percent of the fuel that’s burned is actually used to heat your home. By comparison, single-stage furnaces might convert only 85 percent of the fuel they burn into heat.
  • A modulating gas valve adjusts the incoming gas supply and the intensity of the burner flame. The valve has electronic controls that allow it to produce even and consistent heating output with no wild temperature swings.
  • After achieving the thermostat setting, a variable speed blower motor can reduce its speed from 100 percent to a fraction of that. The result is continuous airflow, superior air filtration and consistent indoor comfort.
  • A secondary heat exchanger draws energy from the combustion gasses after they pass through the primary heat exchanger. Modulating furnaces convert this leftover fuel into recyclable energy and use it to heat your home.
  • Modulating furnaces have longer running times. As a result, the filter in a modulating furnace will capture and remove more airborne contaminants than filters in other furnaces.

Byrum Heating & A/C, Inc., is an established professional heating company serving Marshville since 1996. We install a full line of high-quality Trane heating systems. Call us at (704) 208-4165 to schedule a personal home comfort consultation at no charge.

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