Start the Spring By Performing These Maintenance Tasks

With temperatures in Marshville, North Carolina, slowly warming up, it won’t be long before homeowners turn on their air conditioners. But before starting the cooling season, it’s important that you prepare your home and system for it. With that said, here are five maintenance tasks every homeowner should perform this spring to maximize efficiency:

Change Your HVAC Air Filter

Your HVAC filter has worked hard all winter to prevent dust and other particles from circulating through and infiltrating your living spaces. Now that spring is here, it’s important to replace it to prevent pollen from attacking your home.

HVAC experts advise that you change your filter at the start of every season. That way, you maximize operational efficiency and maintain healthy indoor air quality. A clogged HVAC filter can impact energy bills and respiratory health.

Clean Your Dusty Ceiling Fans

If you’re maximizing your home’s energy efficiency, you already know what your ceiling fans can do to contribute. Take this time to clean them of dust and adjust their direction for the cooling season. In the spring and summer, when your air conditioning is running, your ceiling fans should rotate in a counter clockwise direction. By doing so, they will create a wind chill effect and make you feel cooler. As a result, you can reduce your AC’s workload by not relying on it as much.

Clear Debris Around Your Outdoor Unit

Chances are there are leaves, branches and all sorts of other debris huddled around your HVAC system’s outdoor unit. While you’re outside mowing the lawn for the first time this spring, take time to clear these impediments.

To give your unit some breathing room, create at least three feet of open space around it and five feet above it. Remember to avoid building decks above your air conditioning system. Not only does this improve airflow but it also helps service technicians access your system easily if they need to perform an AC repair or maintenance.

Test Your Carbon Monoxide Detector

While this might not seem like a maintenance task, it’s definitely worth listing. Carbon monoxide (CO) is a colorless and odorless gas. Even if you’re exposed to low or moderate levels of it, you can suffer from CO poisoning.

To ensure your carbon monoxide detector reads accurately, you must make sure it’s installed on the ceiling. Read the instructions on how to test your specific device. If the reading on your CO detector is always at or above 35 parts per million, you’re at high risk for carbon monoxide poisoning and should take action immediately. Remember, though, that some activities will spike the reading from one moment to another. Such activities include smoking indoors and cooking.

Invest in Professional AC Maintenance

Calling in a professional service technician is the best way to ensure your air conditioning system is ready for the workload ahead. He or she will conduct a thorough inspection to make sure your AC system is in peak condition.

During the AC maintenance check, your service technician will lubricate moving parts, check electrical connections and repair developing issues. Here’s how you benefit from investing in an AC maintenance plan or scheduling a tune-up:

  • Save up to 40 percent on your spring and summer energy bills.
  • Take care of minor issues now to prevent major breakdowns later.
  • Maximize your air conditioner’s lifespan by reducing strain.

At Byrum Heating & AC, Inc., we understand how much homeowners in Marshville, North Carolina, rely on their air conditioning systems for comfort. To maximize efficiency, comfort and cost savings, it’s important to take care of your AC system. Contact our team of experienced service technicians today at 704-208-4165 to schedule your AC maintenance appointment.

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