Keep a Cool Head With These 3 Tips

Summer weather in Monroe, N.C., and the surrounding area is hot and humid, and the cost of running your air conditioner can be more than 50 percent of your family’s summer electric bill. That’s why it’s important to keep a cool head and look for ways to reduce the cost of running your AC system without sacrificing indoor comfort. Here are three tips that can help keep you comfortable this summer without breaking the bank.

Purchase an Air Conditioning Maintenance Plan

Preventive maintenance is essential to keep your air conditioner operating at peak efficiency. Twice a year in the preseason, technicians visit your office or home to test, calibrate, clean and inspect your equipment. An air conditioning tune-up provides a wide array of benefits when the work is performed by a professional HVAC contractor like Byrum Heating & A/C, Inc.

  • Better Comfort: Clogged filters, dirty coils and neglected moving parts can restrict airflow and degrade the heat exchange process. Our technicians fine-tune your system so it delivers maximum comfort to every room in your home.
  • Reduced Repair Costs: Routine maintenance helps you avoid costly and inconvenient breakdowns in severe summer weather. NATE certified technicians know exactly where to look to find potential problems, and we carry the most common genuine factory replacement parts on our service vehicles if a component needs to be replaced.
  • Lower Utility Costs: A properly serviced AC system will run less often than a neglected unit while still providing the same level of comfort. Shorter AC equipment cycles ultimately result in lower utility costs.
  • Extended Equipment Life: Routine maintenance helps your unit work more efficiently, so it cycles less often. As a result, the system accumulates fewer miles, which can help extend the life of the equipment.

Stay Cool by Keeping the Heat Out

Hot outdoor air is always looking for a way to enter your home and drive up indoor temperatures. It’s important to create and maintain an effective barrier that will keep your conditioned indoor air isolated from the scorching summer heat.

  • Seal Envelope Leaks: Penetrations in the building envelope provide direct pathways for warmer outdoor air to enter your home, which raises the indoor load and causes you air conditioner to cycle longer. Weather stripping is helpful, but it’s important to locate and seal larger penetrations caused by plumbing pipes, recessed lights and electrical boxes.
  • Seal the Ductwork: Until recently, ductwork installation standards were lax or nonexistent. In many cases, older homes have air distribution systems with loose connections and breaches in the duct material itself. When the air conditioner engages, the system creates a negative pressure, which draws dirt, dust and hot air from the attic or crawl space directly into the living area. A professional HVAC contractor like Byrum Heating & A/C, Inc. can seal those leaks so your AC system operates more efficiently.
  • Keep the Sun Out: Windows serve as solar collectors, so it’s important to keep them shaded whenever possible. Solar window screens are very effective, and planting trees with broad leaves nearby can help improve the environment while providing welcome window shade.

Install a Programmable or Smart Thermostat

In the old days, programmable thermostats were difficult to program and hard to read, so most people avoided using any of the essential setback features. However, new smart thermostats are intuitive and use adaptive intelligence to develop programs that maximize occupant comfort and energy efficiency. Screens are large, and the resolution is high definition. In most cases, user input is minimal. WiFi capability allows remote temperature control and monitoring. When used properly, programmable thermostats can save more than 10 percent annually on heating and cooling costs.

A Cool Head will Keep Your Whole House Comfortable

If would like to learn more tips to keep your house cool and comfortable this summer, call the pros at Byrum Heating & A/C, Inc. today at (704) 208-4165. We serve residential and commercial customers in Monroe, Weddington and the surrounding communities by providing complete air conditioning installation, repair and maintenance services.

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