Benefits of Installing an Energy Recovery Ventilator

A ventilator is a great addition to any climate control system. It ensures a steady, controlled flow of fresh air to keep your home or business healthier, more efficient, and more comfortable. In fact, many residents in the Monroe, NC area have discovered that energy recovery ventilators are a fantastic investment. To understand why let’s check out a few of the ways North Carolinians are benefiting from these systems.

Greater Energy Savings

With hot, humid summers and relatively chilly winters, indoor climate control can be expensive in the North Carolina Piedmont. As crucial as it is to have good ventilation, a traditional ventilator can potentially add to your energy bills. That’s because standard ventilators exhaust the air inside your home and pull in fresh outdoor air to replace it. The incoming air is typically much cooler than the outgoing air in winter and much warmer in summer. As the air is brought in, your HVAC system has to work to heat or cool it to the proper temperature.

An energy recovery system serves the same purpose, but it adds a simple and effective twist. It can capture up to 80% of the heat and humidity from one airstream and transfer it to the other. During cooler weather, the cold and dry intake air is preconditioned using heat and humidity from the exhaust flow. In warmer weather, the process is reversed to remove warmth and humidity from the air coming into your home. This provides excellent ventilation with virtually no impact on your indoor temperatures, resulting in greater efficiency and lower energy costs.

Enhanced Comfort

Considering the Monroe area’s humid climate, it’s no surprise that controlling humidity is a major factor in your comfort. Excessive humidity can leave you feeling uncomfortable even when the actual air temperature is relatively low. In fact, humid conditions can make a typical thermostat setpoint of 75 degrees feel as much as 11 degrees warmer. By removing moisture from the fresh air coming into your home, energy recovery ventilators keep your indoor humidity in check.

Of course, the winter months sometimes present the opposite problem. Colder air often contains little moisture, which can lead to dry skin and eyes, respiratory issues, and other problems. An energy recovery system treats the cold, dry intake air by transferring heat and moisture from the exhaust stream. This prevents the humidity from dropping too low, keeping you more comfortable without sacrificing essential ventilation.

Improved Indoor Air Quality

Poor air quality is a problem that plagues many local homes and businesses. Even if it isn’t readily apparent, indoor air pollution can cause a variety of serious issues. Exposure to poor air quality is associated with both short-term and chronic health complications. These problems can sometimes be exacerbated by humidity levels that are too high or too low. Poor indoor air quality can also be damaging to your HVAC equipment, potentially requiring more frequent AC repairs and shortening your system’s lifespan.

Fortunately, a ventilator is a great tool for addressing air pollution and creating a cleaner, healthier home or business. Indeed, air quality often suffers indoors because a lack of ventilation allows pollutants to build to unsafe levels. A ventilator exhausts stagnant air, removing particulates and other pollutants along with it. An energy recovery system then replaces it with fresh air that’s already been preconditioned and passed through an air filter.

Inadequate ventilation is a real issue that often doesn’t get the attention it deserves. Modern homes and commercial buildings are typically built to be nearly airtight. This can improve temperature control, but it also comes with substantial sacrifices in terms of air quality and overall comfort. If you’re considering adding a ventilation system, an energy recovery ventilator is an outstanding option. To discover more ways to make your home healthier and more efficient, check out the range of expert indoor air quality services from Byrum Heating & AC, Inc.

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